5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was a Junior Broker

Jan 28, 2021 | Brick & Mortar Retail, Carrie Bob & Co Blog, Entrepreneurs, Gen Z, Navigating Your Career

by Carrie Bobb

It can be hard to navigate this crazy world of commercial real estate. The business has been done the same way for a very long time. It’s waiting to be disrupted in the best ways possible.

It will take both the young people who see things with a fresh perspective and the seasoned veterans who are willing to challenge the status quo.

So here are some of my thoughts to those who are closer to the start of your career than the tail end…

No matter if you are with a boutique brokerage house or a large firm, invest in your personal brand platform. It is more important to your career than where you hang your license.

In fact, that is exactly where your superpower is hidden – in the very thing that makes you different. We don’t have to build our businesses the way it has always been done. We can build it different.

In an industry that has been traditionally ultra competitive, there is incredible opportunity for those who collaborate with others. The results are exponential.

A ton of people want to be a broker when times are good. Not so much when times are bad. The best brokers are made in the hard times. It is an endurance sport. Sometimes it’s less about winning and more about not quitting.

There are so many resources today between podcasts, online courses, industry groups, and live events on social platforms. Connect with likeminded people and your business together. Reach out to people who inspire you. Never stop learning.

Carrie is the Founder & CEO of Carrie Bobb & Co, CEO of HelloJenny, and Co-Founder of the Carrie Bobb Foundation. She is a consumer behavior analytics nerd and an expert at driving revenue for retail properties through digital and brick and mortar leasing strategies.