5 Do’s & Don’ts to Client Gift Giving

Dec 16, 2019 | Carrie Bob & Co Blog, Entrepreneurs, Female Business Leaders

by Carrie Bobb

Shopping for client gifts can be stressful and often just another box that needs to be checked. Here are a few guidelines for when it comes to selecting gifts for clients.

1.Don’t go over your budget. The holidays are stressful enough without adding additional angst by overspending. It’s super easy to get carried away. It’s possible to give thoughtful, meaningful client gifts without breaking your budget. It just requires a little thought up front.

2. Do keep gifts personal. Personal and thoughtful gifts are so much more meaningful than expensive gifts. Keeping gifts personal applies to anyone, not just clients. Lord knows we are over the gift baskets of nuts and cheese.

Susabellas Custom Beverage Tub | Etsy

Sometimes custom wedding gifts can be easily converted into client gifts by using their logo. We have given custom vases, ice buckets, cutting boards, shotskis (fan favorite!) that have property logos on them.

Too often people give gifts with their own logos on them. Gifts should be about the recipient. It is more thoughtful to give your client a gift with their project logo or their company logo on it. Then when they use whatever it is, they will remember who gave it to them.

3. Do keep a small supply of emergency gifts on hand. Nothing is worse than being caught off guard. An extra gift card or two on deck can save time, money and avoid the stress of coming up with a last minute gift. On a personal note, I keep extra candles and fuzzy socks on hand.

Gift cards get a bad rap for not being personal. If you take the time to think about what that client as an individual would really appreciate, gift cards can go a long way. It just depends on what the gift cards are for – Nordstrom, Apple, Target, Amazon or a local spa are some of our favorites. It’s possible to give that person a gift card to a place where they can take their family and have a nice meal or a memorable experience.

4. Don’t wait until the last minute to start shopping. We’ve all done it and it’s the worst. The anxiety and pressure go up, while the quality of the gift does down. It’s worth noting for next year, Marcia Ramsland has a free Holiday Calendar that helps keep everything organized and planned. Making a list and having a plan saves time and makes the holidays more enjoyable!

5. Do make time for doing little things with people you love, including those who work with you. With family, it’s picking out a Christmas tree or baking holiday cookies, these small things can often get shoved to the side of our busy calendar. For our team and co-workers, it could be a team breakfast, dinner or happy hour. Creating space for these things is important, doesn’t cost much and are some of the best things about the holiday season.